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60 – What to do with an Hour?

Just a few more shopping days left until all the December Holidays begin to kick off. Then the New Year and new resolutions will be upon us. Are you ready?

Saved Cents is ready, and we are not only making our list, checking it twice, but are also coming up with some great resolutions for 2014. As always, saving more cents, learning a lot more about finance, and meeting more people rank high on the list.

If you want, let us know what ranks high on your financial list of “To Do’s” for 2014. Let’s begin a conversation and share helpful insights.

Saved Cents follows quite a few blogs and celebrities in the personal financial space. By 2014 we will have a list of some of those blogs and people on our site. Until we do, keep up with us on Twitter. There are a lot of great Tweets by many of the blogs and people we follow, and their insight and advice is workable and extremely helpful. Put your own spin on the “How To” advice and you will find yourself saving lots of cents and creating your own abundant financial future. Want to start or grow your business with a strong financial foundation? There are tools and resources to do that as well. Make sure to check out the Resources page on our website,

Now, for an interesting and thought provoking question: What could you do with an hour?

Have you seen the post on YouTube about what schools may not be teaching? The YouTube video goes on to talk about Code, as in computer science. Saved Cents would also add budgeting and finance may still be lacking as a subject taught in the classroom. Obviously, there are only so many hours in a school day, and finances are still a bit of a taboo subject to talk about. But, in general terms finance and budgeting need to be integrated some how into formal education, we think. In addition to how to Code?

Hour of Code video:

We would love to hear your thoughts about the concept of the video, and what one can do in an hour. Maybe you’ll come up with a way to Save Cents that is automatic and makes your life a bit more abundant. If you create a financial code and are motivated, share your story with us on Saved Cents.

Happy Saving….

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Let the Holiday Shopping Begin!

Every now and again Saved Cents will highlight and promote products of other entrepreneurs. Today, being Cyber Monday 2013, and the start or end of a great offer or give away, we had to let our community know.

So, about the two offers we are highlighting… you should know that the founder of Saved Cents has bought and used many of the products from both of these entrepreneurs and their companies, and has had great success. (Putting into action many of the ideas presented in the following courses is one of the reasons Saved Cents is on the internet today.) Also, Saved Cents is an affiliate of The Unconventional Guides.

Eventually Saved Cents will have its own specific products that share the Saved Cents story and processes. For now we are happy to promote others’ who helped us get a start. And, it could be that this site will always promote others’ brands and products if they are a good fit with the Saved Cents message and the items can be of huge benefit to the community. It is a matter of serving the most people with the best possible options.

And now the offers. Drum roll please….

1.’s Monetize Your Message with Fabienne Fredrickson

9 Week Course jam packed with massive amounts of information and lots of bonuses, including a *FREE* ticket to the Spring 2014 live event 

OFFER EXPIRES: Tonight at 11:59 PM EST, 12/2/13


Release of the NEWEST guide – The Unconventional Guide to Law and Order

All about helping small business owners understand the basics of contracts, copyrights, partnerships, and using the law to grow their business.

PLUS, everything in the store will be 20% off, including the Combo Packs and $449 version of the Empire Building Kit. (Use discount code “pumpkin”)

 OFFER EXPIRES: Friday night, 12/6/13


Here is to the start of a very productive December 2013 and a great beginning to 2014.

Keep the community posted on what you thought of all these goodies by affiliates, and let us know what you purchased and how it will help your business or your own personal road to wealth.

Wishing you prosperous thoughts on the road to your abundant financial future,

Saved Cents