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After months of no words or changes to the website I can now share that the site will be changing. At least the message of Saved Cents will change a bit and encompass a broader concept besides just building a stronger financial foundation. Because, in reality, what does building a strong financial foundation give you and me?

Peace, freedom, opportunities, and so much more.

I have always found that building a business of any size creates opportunities, which is one of the reasons there are business products on the Resource page. Building a business allows the business owner to share a message, and market products and services to a larger audience. The few business products listed, Saved Cents is an affiliate of the companies, meaning a small portion of your purchase, if you purchase by going through the Saved Cents link, will come back to Saved Cents.

Besides starting a business to create peace, freedom, and opportunities giving of one’s time, talents, and resources to causes and people you cherish is also a wonderful way to expand one’s sphere and have more abundance in all aspects of your life.

Would you agree?

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